The you of back then did not believe in the galaxy

Hi there, I'm Selena and welcome to my trading collective! I'm currently a member of four TCGs, and have been a member of many more. I'm primarily interested in anime and kpop themed TCGs, so you'll likely see me skulking around these.

I virtually have no rules when it comes to trading! I get that it can sometimes be a pain to trade me what I'm looking for, since it at times can be super limited, so I happily accept randoms! Recollects are even better, I never get tired of remastering decks. If your trade goes through with no errors, I encourage you to put it through on your end, and I'll accept it when I'm able to!

  • I do ask that if you're sending me a trade for Gleam to double check that your card worth is correct! I'll accept two regular cards/one special card per special card, but will reject and contact you (if possible) otherwise.


The layout I'm using (with some minor tweaks/changes) is by dolcevitae; this layout is not responsive, so save yourself a headache and trade with me only on your PC in case it's funky on your phone. The lovely food icons used for my navigation are from Honeybee. I'm unsure who made my favicon, or my tiny Taehyung gif sitting on my sidebar, but the big bunny ones on my index page (here!) were made by faerieth. The cursor I'm using is from Whimsical!. A lot of mods I'm using was modified by Caitlin, and I hope it makes your life easier. Some lyrics scattered to and fro my site are from V/Taehyung's songs (please listen to them), Inner Child and Sweet Night. Obligatory "powered by eTCG" message here. Last but not least, I'm kindly hosted by Cami!