━  until the flowers bloom, please stay there a while longer  ━
I'm Selena, & welcome to my trading collective! This version is titled in bloom, & features a certain, lovely, amazing baby bear. This was made to reflect my desire & wish for spring once again.

This layout is a modified Tumblr theme from sugardesigns. The header is taken from BTS's 2019 Season's Greetings. Fonts used are Red Velvet, DM Serif Display, & Libre Baskerville. I also used the Faded Memories PSD from Itsumo Resources. Respective TCG buttons, pixels, cursors, & favicons are credited to their original creators. This site runs on eTCG with the card search created by Daggles, modified by Caitlin. Other mods I've used are from Danni's, Kriss's, & Rizu's pages. I'm kindly hosted by Cami, thank you! If I'm forgetting to credit anyone or anything else, my deepest apologies. Please view this on your PC, because this layout is not completely modified for mobile devices. Some sections or images might look strange! Thank you for visiting my humble abode, & I hope you have a nice day!
━  the flowers of snow fall, & little by little they drift apart  ━
I'm an incredibly relaxed trader who doesn't have much rules at all when it comes to cards. Unlike most people, I typically don't reject trades unless there are issues, but if you were able to submit a trade with no issues, then logically there are no issues to report anyway. Because of that, I allow trades to be put through immediately since it can take me some time to offically accept them, & I don't want to keep anyone waiting for trades that I'm not going to reject anyway. I also accept random cards if you have nothing else to send me.