The Evil, Terrifying, Horrifying Card Dungeon
  • If you've requested pulls from me that are on hold, this is the place to find them!
  • It goes without saying, but please only take these if you know they're for you.

There are currently no cards under this category.

Pending Trades
- Kei (pending since March 25, 2020)
kogaoogami12, ren11, ren19

- Mio (pending since May 03, 2020)
crimsongang18, drawwithme12, howljenkins16, howljenkins20

- saya (pending since May 07, 2020)
grayfullbuster18, boysanddogs05, boysanddogs19, claudefaustus13, hatsuharusohma16, mikakagehira15, rinokumura12, rinokumura13, rinokumura19, shion11, crimsongang13, drawwithme16, nightshadows09, nightshadows12, nightshadows14